PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor . It's an open source, server-side, scripting language used for the development of web applications. PHP is one of the most robust, famous and easy to follow dynamic languages that can help you achieve great results with less effort. Most of the web applications build today are based on PHP platform.

Why PHP?
PHP runs on different platforms be it Windows, Linux, Unix, etc., it’s not platform dependent like other scripting language PHP is compatible with almost all servers used today Apache, IIS, etc. PHP can work with over 19 different types of databases. PHP is easy to learn and runs efficiently on the server side. Some of the world’s most famous and used websites are built using PHP. To list few of them are Facebook, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Word Press etc

Why choose Draco for learn PHP?
Benifits of PHP Training in Draco :
PHP training in (Draco) is conducted by experienced trainer.
Students will be provided Real time Training.
Theoritical + Practical Class.
Interview assistance and Interview Coaching assistance.
For College students, our company assists in academic projects and Seminar / Paper presentation.
Support after the course completion.
Free Brush up classes even after 1 year of course completion.
Certificate ofter completing the course.
Flexibility with course timings and durations(Weekdays/Weekends/fast track) Get 100% Placement Support with IT Companies Also, get a resume preparation guides from Experts.

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